An exploration with our Innovation Engineer, Josh Keys

We are pleased to announce our next speaker series session with Josh Keys, MScE, P. Eng. Josh is an Electrical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the electrical, clinical, physical rehabilitation, and biomedical engineering fields. He has extensive experience in Rehabilitation Engineering, working closely with clinicians and patients, for the design and production of innovative technological solutions tailored to the patient’s needs. A hands-on approach to projects, from concept to product completion, has provided the opportunity to develop unique system integration expertise. He also just so happens to be our very own Innovation Engineer here at Brilliant Labs!

Not only has Josh made a career by creating innovative and often life-changing solutions for people in need, he is also the creator of the Brilliant Labs b.Board! Josh has always been interested in exploring creative robotic mechanisms. His work inspires us to think about the exciting field of robotics, not in terms of humanoids or vehicles but the symbiotic movements of multiple gears, widgets, and linkages that come together to solve problems.

Join in on the conversation on Thursday, March 25th at 1:30 pm AST and collaborate LIVE with Brilliant Lab’s Innovation Engineer Josh Keys!

Students, Teachers, and parents are encouraged to join independently or in groups.