Giddy Up It’s Code Camp Time!

CAMP – The word itself brings to mind images of cabins, friends, horseback riding, and stories by the fire. Camp is synonymous with youth, fun, and learning the skills that shape us as adults. This May, middle school students and teachers from New Brunswick are invited to experience a 21st century Code Camp at Snider Mountain Ranch. Located 20 km outside of Sussex, Snider Mountain Ranch offers a perfect venue where students will learn to code and teachers will get a chance to explore how to integrate code with curricula. They will enjoy all the fun of camp, while learning the coding skills for living in a technologically advanced world.

Brilliant Labs is happy to announce that one Anglophone and one Francophone class from New Brunswick will be sponsored to attend the camp this May as a participation prize for the Hour of Code event. All other middle-school aged students and teachers are welcomed to register for Code Camp, however even though there are many more available sessions thanks to the success of last year’s Code Camp. We would like to remind you that there are a limited number of seats so interested teachers need to register their students soon. It will be a first come/first serve registration process.

Registered campers joining Brilliant Labs educators at the ranch will build and program robots, learn to program their own video games, build and code electronic prototypes, program and 3D print their own 3D models, and will even get a chance to create an app for their classroom and fly some drones.

We know that end of year school trips are always a difficult decision for teachers that’s why Code Camp at Snider Mountain Ranch is designed to balance math and literacy skills found in the coding challenges as well as give campers the opportunity to decode the basics of horsemanship, wall climbing, horseback riding and canoeing.

This 21st century camp mix works to support the curricular outcomes for teachers while helping campers become true problem solvers for life. All the activities at the camp help with problem solving skills, which is exactly what youth need to be successful in our technologically advanced world.

Code Camp registration is open – please register here or email for more information about the Brilliant Labs Code Camp at Snider Mountain Ranch