The University of New Brunswick Saint John’s K.C. Irving Hall was buzzing with excitement this past Saturday, June 9 2018, as 12 New Brunswick finalists participated in the 5th Annual Middle School Scratch Competition. We are also happy to announce a strong Nova Scotia contingent that competed virtually. In the end, there were only 12 Scratch winners across two provinces, in three categories: Best Overall, Best Artistic, & Best Technical, for two levels Grade 6 and under, and Grade 7 and up!

Thank you and congratulations to all our participants. We were blown away by your imagination and work this year.

A very special thank-you to UNBSJ and NBCC for your support during the New Brunswick finals and all the judges who helped us with this year’s over 100 submissions.

Say Hello and Play these winning games!

New Brunswick:

Level 1 (Grade 6)

Best Overall:

Ricky from Riverview East School – Play

Best Artistic:

Tait from George St Middle School – Play

Best Technical:

Ben from George St Middle School – Play

Level 2 (Grade 7-8)

Best Overall:

Ciaran from George St Middle School – Play

Best Artistic:

Celia from Harold Peterson – Play

Best Technical:

Jake from Harold Peterson – Play

Nova Scotia:

Level 1 – Grades 4-6

Best Overall: Daniel from West Hants Middle School – Play

Best Technical: Nathan from Waverly Memorial – Play

Best Artistic: Sherry from Kingswood elementary school – Play

Level 2 – Grades 7+

Best Overall : Affan from Malcolm Munroe Memorial Middle School – Play

Best Technical: Solomon from Refresh Annapolis Valley – Play

Best Artistic : Jamie from Coldbrook and District School – Play