Ocean Tech

Challenging youth to explore & innovate

Coming This Fall!

This fall Brilliant Labs and our partners are challenging youth to explore the ocean and embark on a journey of sustainability, entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Our oceans drive global systems without these vast deep blue habitats Earth would not be habitable. The health and wellness of our oceans are connected to rainwater, fresh drinking water, weather systems, climate, food and the air we breathe – all are regulated by the ocean.

Early Registration

Official registrations will open this fall; however, if you have questions or want to register for the Ocean Tech Innovation Challenge early. Let’s connect and get ready to dive into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14: Life Below Water. Together we can create new technology and sustainable practices that will ensure the health of Earth’s oceans. Let’s connect!

Consider This!

The Government of Canada is actively working to limit plastic pollution and have reported that “Microplastic particles are found in fresh and marine surface waters. These particles have been found in aquatic organisms, specifically fish and shellfish. In addition, microplastic particles may eventually sink in aquatic environments, leading to their accumulation in the bottom sediment. Microplastics are also found in soil.”

What if you could create a tool, process, or machine that could clean plastics from our oceans and waterways?  What would it be? Think about it and be sure to register for the Ocean Tech Innovation Challenge this fall! Email us if you would like to register early or have questions. 

Looking for inspiration to create sustainable products that will be healthier than petroleum-based plastics?  Let’s explore how we can save food items from our kitchens to create food composites!

Yes! You can create sustainable materials from foods like fruit peels, argar agar, eggshells, mushrooms and more.  Check it out! 

“Grade 12 Advanced Placement research student at St. Malachy’s Memorial High School Jessica Graham devoted her year to the research on the use of magnetic extraction to remove microplastics from the ocean.
Jessica was a silver medalist at the provincial science fair winning the Canadian Stockholm Junior Water Prize and the Youth Can Innovate Award with an opportunity to go to Sweden to represent New Brunswick in the international science fair. Jessica’s project tests magnetic extraction in a system with continuous movement using a drum-like device. By modifying her iron nanoparticles, in such a way that they could polarize with the microplastics, the microplastics would become attracted to the drum allowing them to be extracted. “
Read more about how Jessica and other New Brunswick Students are taking action to save our oceans here.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Is your organization looking for a fun way to support Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Mathematics (STEAM) education? Brilliant Labs is a registered charity dedicated to empowering youth to help solve real world problems today, while inspiring the careers of tomorrow.  

We have four Innovation Challenges, summer camps, after school programs, teacher professional development and hundreds of student led projects that are funded each year.  Let’s connect and find the right fit and marketing mix for your organization! 

Thank You To Our Funders

Special thanks to our funders for supporting Brilliant Labs. Together we are empowering youth to create sustainable innovations now and in the future. 


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