March Break: At Home Challenges

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This March Break we have five challenges for you to do at home. There are four themes to choose from.  Each theme has five challenges.  Complete five challenges and share your projects with us on Brilliant Labs Facebook or Twitter messaging or email: to receive an At Home Making Kit (filled with materials to continuing making at home after March Break).  The completed challenges do not need to be from the same theme.

Plus at the end of the week each project shared gives you a chance to WIN a desktop Hydroponic Kit (one winner per Atlantic Canadian province).

Participants will receive brilliant badges related to each activity completed once they have submitted their projects.

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At home March Break Challenge

Make At Home Challenges

In this challenge you will create projects in several rooms of your home and even some outside!

This maker challenge is for youth of all ages. To help, we’ve created a project journal.  It can be printed or used in a digital format.

Read or download here

All About Tech Challenges

These 5 challenges let young makers explore different technologies.  From multimedia, coding, 3D design and even machine learning!  Makers will need access to a computer or tablet and the internet to complete most of these challenges. You can print the project journal or use the digital copy.

Read or download here

b.Brilliant Show & Challenges

Did you know we have a tv show? Take quiet family during the day to join Alex as she and her fellow makers explore the world by creating with new technology, interviews with experts to help solve problems, and uncovering the mysteries of “BB”, a mischievous lab A.I. that seemingly likes to help, but also likes to cause some problems for b.Brilliant’s teacher: Mr.Lingley.  Plus, after watching the show follow the b.Brilliant Maker March challenge guide to create.

Read and download here

Natural Maker Winter Challenges

Natural Maker Winter Challenge – Spend time outdoors exploring nature and biodiversity with your kids. Take the 5 challenges to learn more and rejuvenate while having fun  and learning.

Read or download here

Mix & Match

Mix and Match challenges to receive an At Home Maker Kit.  You can complete any 5 activities. They don’t all have to be from the same activity journal.  More details about the Hydroponics Kit giveaway can be found in the challenge journals.

Entries for Atlantic Canadian students will be accepted between March 5th and March 20th.

We understand Newfoundland & Labrador Students will be taking their break in April. Your challenges will open then. Stay-tuned!

Questions? Email us or Video Ask! We’re happy to help.

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